Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Lake Soon?

I start way to many blog posts with "It has been a long time....". True, very true.
The weather here in Minnesota has been cooperative this Spring. In fact, the weather cooperated all winter. Basically, we did not have one. Our friends to the South, the Iowans, had more snow than we did.
Out here at Coyote Ridge, we had less than 20 inches of snow compared to almost 100 inches last winter.
In the temperature department it was also mild, temps were wayyyyyy above average. I didn't use a fraction of the propane I usually consume.
Our attentions are turning now to the lake.
I am thinking we will venture down there this weekend and enjoy a couple of sunsets like this one we experienced last summer.

The lake opening is always fun. Get the water turned on, electric flowing the the fridge filled. Of course a beer or two as a reward helps get the job done.

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