Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting Ready For Winter

It is almost a daily task to go out and chop up the leaves with Mr. John Deere. It is a task that I don't mind at all.
I needed some more light for winter snow blowing to I rigged up an extra light for the top of the canvas cab I install for the winter weather.
With the two headlights on the tractor and the spotlight up top, I think the dark country lane will be a bit brighter this winter.

Do I dare say, bring on the snow?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Trail Camera Pictures

It has been a while since I checked the trail camera out in the back forty.
I had close to 100 pictures but edited them down to just a few.
There were lots of raccoon and deer pictures, but I tried to pick out the better ones of the deer with a few turkeys thrown in for good measure.

All is well here. You know the drill, work, work and more work. No complaints from me in that respect.
We spent most every weekend down at the lake in our camper and had a blast.