Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back In Town

What a busy time! I was out of town on business for five days last week in Nashville. The weather was perfect...highs each day in the mid 60's.
Back here in Minnesota it was in the 40's and even low 50's with a TON of snow melting.
Because of all the snow this year, most of the ground around here never froze and the water is really sinking in. The creeks here at Coyote Ridge are really running.
We have lots of snow to melt away yet, but at least it is a start.
Of course as soon as I arrived home Friday a winter storm watch was issued and then updated to a blizzard warning from today until noon tomorrow.
All day it has been changing from sleet to snow and the back to sleet. Before it is all over, we are supposed to get 10-12 inches of snow and lots of drifting.
I would not mind so much if my new tractor and blower had been delivered. It was ordered two weeks ago and was supposed to be here this past Friday.
Business for John Deere must be good.
I really wanted to get back to the office Monday morning and hit the bricks running, but this weather may keep me snowbound here at the Ridge until about noon. It could take a while to blast through the drifts with the tractor and blower.
Our son Andy and his bride to be, Sarah, are getting their wedding day planned in Seattle. In less than a month they will be exchanging vows. We are really anxious to get out there and celebrate with them next month.
Our oldest son Ben and his bride Anna will be flying out with us. They are great folks and fun to be around.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Cold Blast

Mother Nature must really be in a bad mood this year. She is really ripping most of the country with weather that is not typical.
Sure, Minnesota gets snow and cold but not this much.
It was a bit chilly on the way in to work this morning as evidenced by the car thermometer.

Add the wind and our windchill was a crisp -41 degrees.
The extra log on the fire last night seemed to do the trick.
I hope you are warm and safe!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh Deere!

Is a new John Deere about to inhabit Coyote Ridge?

Stay tuned!