Friday, February 29, 2008

Thoughts Of Spring

Seeing how tomorrow is Saturday we are making plans for the weekend. We have decided to pick up Sue's folks, Molly and Harv, and go to Owatonna to look at campers at a very nice "RV store". They have a great selection and the people are friendly. After that, I am sure we will go out to lunch then visit the Medford Outlet Mall. Sue's folks are really good people and fun to be around. Sue's dad is retired Navy and "occasionally" has a story or two to tell.
We had about three inches of snow yesterday, so I am not all that sure that Spring is just around the corner yet. Thinking back to a couple of years ago, we went to Eureka Springs Arkansas for a motorcycle rally. It was made up of a bunch of us old/older farts who all own the same type of bikes. It was a blast. We had riders/friends from New York, Michigan, Missouri, Tennesee, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Minnesota and maybe another state or two. We had no idea the riding was SOOOOO good. Hills, curves, smooth roads and great scenery!
We will make sure we bring the camera tomorrow and get some pictures to share with you.
Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great Local Spot For A Quick Getaway

If you are like us, it is sometimes hard to plan ahead for a weekend away. There is always something you should be doing instead of relaxing. Well that is not the way the live life anymore. How many years has it taken to discover that? Let me tell you, way too many! So how can one "fix" that problem?

We have a number of campgrounds close to the area where we live and that means at the last minute we can throw some food into the camper and away we go. Our two favorite "local" campgrounds are only 30-45 minutes away. If we can plan ahead and get reservations...great. If not, they usually have some spots except on holiday weekends. We are not people for crowds anyway, so holiday weekend camping is not for us.

One of those favorite campgrounds is a Blue Earth County park called Daly Park near Mapleton,MN. The park is 76 acres on Lura lake that is 1,263 acres. The campground is spread out with some distance between the campsites for the most part. There are 15 tent sites and 71 sites with electrical and some with water.

As you can see in the picture above, it even has a trail from the mainland leading to an island with hiking trails.

So there we go, our way of getting out of town. just do it!

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting The Hang Of Things

We have some pictures! These pictures were taken while our "new" camper was sitting on the dealers lot prior to it finding it's way to our home this past fall.
It is a 2006 Wildwood 25RKS LE. It is perfect for the two of us and easy to pull behind our Ford F150 5.4L crew cab pickup truck.
Sometime this spring I will update the pictures to reflect a few of the mods we have done.
Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 25, 2008

It is February In Minnesota

Put another log on the fire and kick back in the recliner and read more camper magazines. Well that is not the total truth. My fireplace is gas. Other than that, I guess the rest is true.
I really try to contain my lust for spring until the first of April or I would go nuts. Some things you just can't rush...that would be the seasons. Now I am a patient man, but if we get a lot of snow in April I am not a happy camper. But then again, those who know me know that it is very hard to make me mad so I guess I am just one of those people who knows that some things can't be deal with it!
Over the next few weeks I will get some pictures posted and maybe some more words.
Thanks for looking!